Ski Trip 2011

We went on our annual ski trip to Utah last week and had a BLAST!! We loved spending so much time with all our family. The kids were really well behaved, doesn’t mean they didn’t drive me crazy a few times but they were really good, ha ha.

Getting out there was a little crazy, it was Emma’s first plane ride which wasn’t a big deal to her. She took it in stride like everything else, never ceases to amaze me that one. We had to get up at around 4am which was fun we got the kids up at about 4:45. The only crazy part of the first flight was they sat us in a row where Zach was on one side of the aisle and I was on the other side with both kids! They wouldn’t let Zach hold Emma since there was not a mask to drop down in case of emergency. Jonathan loved the first plane and had lots of fun playing with his new book…it had tools to use with it, so worth the money!!



Then there was the second flight….it was horrible. Jonathan fell asleep whith his head on my lap almost immediately while watching the TV on the chair in front of him. Emma cried for about 20 min and FINALLY fell a sleep on me, which didn’t allow me to move at all or I would wake up both children. Then Jonathan woke up about half way through the flight and I had to pass sleeping Emma to Zach (who woke up shortly after) because Jonathan started throwing up. He got it all in the bag after the first time, yuck. He fell asleep again during the landing and he was pretty much fine when he woke up.

We stayed one night in the valley and then headed up to Park City on Wednesday. They guys went up ahead and started skiing while us girls took our time with the kids and getting food for the week. Then Thursday Mom and Heather stayed with the kids while the rest of us went skiing, which I forgot to bring a camera for. After lunch we headed back down and got Jonathan for his first attempt at skiing.

He really got sick of waiting, and how adorable are those tiny ski boots!!


Then he led the way out the door


He started out with Zach pretty much holding him up like this


and ended up looking like this! He did REALLY well.


We had all kinds of fun at the condo



I of course never remember to use my camera so that’s all the pictures I took. I’ll try and post more as I get them from Family.

Then Saturday we had Heather’s baby shower, we got to see some old friends the Stewarts so it was LOTS of fun!

This gift was hilarious, it had everything a Dad would need to change a dirty diaper, awesome!


Here is Naomi and I with our babies Cambry and Emma


Jonathan, Cambry, and Emma playing together


Emma and Cambry


Saturday night we got to go to dinner with our friends Michelle and Todd that lived in our ward and moved to Utah last summer. It was SOOOOOOO good to see them again, we miss them a lot. Unfortunately I didn’t bring a camera to this either.

Then Sunday we flew home, I was lucky this time Zach and I were split up and I had Emma for the first flight and Jonathan for the second and they both slept while with me and were awake for Zach, sorry honey! All in all it was a great trip!

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Adorable Photo of Jonathan


Karen took this picture when Jonathan visited her at work today. I just thought I would share. I also wanted to try out this wordpress app. So far so good. Thanks Liz!!

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Part Time!!

I’m so excited, Zach got a raise in his new position that is allowing me to go part time. I’m now working 3 10’s so I work Monday Wednesday and Friday and have Tuesday and Thursday off. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while. Just one step closer to staying home. Zach also has the opportunity to apply for a Supervisor position. Keep us in your prayers on that one. It may allow me to finally stay home! I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful husband that works so hard to provide for our family. I love you Zach!! Thank you for all that you do!!

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We had a lot of fun this Christmas. We started by heading up north to Traverse City for about 24 hours. It was a quick trip but it was awesome and totally worth it. I couldn’t believe we left at nap time and the kids only slept for about 20 minutes then stayed awake the whole drive up. Luckily they were extremely well behaved. Here are some pictures that Hilary took from our trip.

I love this picture of my family


The other Kellogg Family Evan, Teri, and Grant


The Alpers Family Brent, Owen, Hilary, Miah, and Cole


And a few pictures fromt the Traverse City part of our weekend




Then we headed home and the kids watched elf while Zach and I fixed up dinner


Our own little Christmas feast


It wasn’t anything super special but it was wonderful!

After we ate we ran out to Grandma and Grandpa’s for some presents with the extended family. I managed to forget my camera for that oops. Then we rushed back home to make up our cookies for Santa. Emma decided that would be too much and went to bed instead. But here are the pictures of Jonathan and I making up the cookies




The finished product


Looks like Santa came!!


These are the PJ’s the kids got on Christmas eve. Not the best picture of Jonathan’s since his arm is covering the reindeer but you can see the reindeer feet.


Me and the kids while they opened presents from Santa


Jonny and his new sweater from Grandma and Grandpa Kellogg


Jonny in his Santa socks


Then we headed out to Grandma and Grandpa’s again for some more present opening!


While we waited for everyone to be ready the kids had to “fix” grandpas feet



Grandpa loved every minute of it


Emma enjoyed some time with Grandma

Then the kids opened their presents and the boys got these



Emma of course got some toys but preferred this bow


Emma also spent time with Aunt Karen


Yes this is the much awaited scooter, Jonathan loves it and apparently so does Emma.


And of course after all the toys they got the spent a good amount of time in a box…kids

Hope your Christmas was as good as ours!!

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Playing Together

Jonathan and Emma were playing together the other day and it was adorable.



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Jonthan’s First Black Eye

Jonathan took a tumble out of the grocery cart on Friday, scared me to death!! Especially since he fell right on his head/face. He seemed fine but I had a few people tell me some horror stories about kids falling out the cart and I took him to the doctors just be sure, he is fine but he has a black eye, he is lucky that is all that happened.


He won’t be standing up in the cart again anytime soon, that’s for sure!

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Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It is an especially busy time of year for our family, November 28th marked Zach and I’s 7th Anniversary, I can’t believe it’s been that long already. December 2nd was Jonathan’s 3rd birthday and again I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years! Plus tomorrow is Emma’s 1st birthday, now that one is the hardest to believe!! Now you can add in Thanksgiving and Christmas for being a VERY busy time of year. We combined the kids birthday party this year anddecided to just keep it a small family party. Mostly because it snuck up on me so fast. I figure it doesn’t matter much at this age, I’ll try to be better next year. Maybe we’ll have to do something with our Traverse City Family too!! Here are some pictures from the party


Emma and her Aunt Karen


Emma and her first purse, from Aunt Karen


Emma and I opening her Thumper bunny, from Grandma and Grandpa Kellogg. It was perfect since we call her our little Thumper. She has this way of thumping her foot when she is going to sleep, super cute!


Jonathan and his new chainsaw, from Grandma and Grandpa Sheehan


The kids all gathered round the constellation turtle, also from Aunt Karen
this was the cause of much excitement and many “parties” in the bathroom (the only room in the house without lights on so you could really see the stars and the moon) also here is the front loader we got Jonathan.


The boys in their safety glasses, good thing there were a lot of tools around. Oh and that is the police truck Aunt Shannon got Jonathan on the couch and Emma’s new baby doll is on the floor as well, that was from us.


Jonathan “fixing” the door. After we opened presents Jonathan carried all his presents with him the rest of the night, it was too funny.

Now for the really fun stuff, Emma eating cake.


She at first was totally disgusted by the feel of frosting on her fingers, she tried to shake it off multiple times


She managed to figure it out though


We had to lock the dogs outside while she ate as most of it ended up on the floor. They got their fair share before they were kicked out though.


Is there something on my face?

All in all it was a wonderful party.

Now for an update on the kids.

Emma has started walking now andis cruising right along. She can even standup in the middle of the room with nothing to grab onto, she is so crafty! I often refer to Emma as Trouble Baby as she is always finding ways to get to things she shouldn’t. Her favorite thing right now is the toilet, EWWWWW! I find myself washing baby hands more than little boy hands and Jonathan in potty training! I just have to remember to put the gate up after Jonathan is done. She continues to be the most happy and content baby EVER! She rarely fusses unless she is hungry or tired. She sleeps like you wouldn’t believe!! She almost never cries when being put down for a nap or bedtime just lays down andgoes right to sleep. It has been that way from the beginning with her, still amazes me every time though. Also she has said her first official word, drumroll please…… “hi” It is ADORABLE!!!! I have it on video but since I’m at work I can’t upload it right now I’ll try to post it later. However, here are some pictures of her to tide you over.






Dancing with Grant at the Christmas party, however they were both distracted by cameras at this exact moment.

Emma has been such a wonderful addition to our family and I can’t imagine life without her.

Jonathan is a joy as always. As he gets older and can communicate more it is fascinating to see the way his mind works. My favorite and most frustrating part of the day is bedtime. Mostly because this is when he really NEEDS to be able to tell you everything on his mind. He has certain things that are required before he can go to sleep. First of all he needs his flashlight, his water, his doggie blanket, now his turtle that he got for his birthday (it shows the constellations on the ceiling) and he stole the music turtle from Emma’s crib and refers to it as his TV show (it plays music and has lights andfishes that go round and round) Then he starts with his “problems” I tell him good night and he will say “Mommy I hab a probrum” it is so cute and I can’t help but ask what it is. It can range from needing another stuffed animal to having a boogie. After a few nights of this going for 5 to 10 minutes. I finally told him that if he was having a log of problems that I was going to shut the door (which he likes to be left open) he now keeps it to one or two. Here are some pictures of him as well.



Crafting with Daddy, Daddy’s idea actually



The finished product



He may have been a little tired and ready for Santa to get there at this point. I did not however get a good picture of him with Santa but I’m hoping to get one from Chad since he was taking pictures of all the kids. I’ll post it when I get it.

Jonathan is a very sweet boy and brings so much happiness to our lives.

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October Fun!

Pictures from the park near our house





A few pics from our trip to the apple orchard



Our award winning car for the trunk or treat at church


Carving pumpkins




Emma the Lady bug


Jonathan as Spiderman


Emma playing with Toby the turtle


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Art Prize and Post Family Farms

So since my camera has been broken since the accident I haven’t taken many pictures. However Hilary and the kids came down to visit last weekend and we got these pictures. Thanks to Hilary for being our photographer, haha.





The giant penny made of pennies



Family picture where it all started, Zach proposed in this very spot!



Hanging out at the house before going to the farm


talking to a goat



Emma playing in the straw, shortly after this she tried to eat it and needed to be picked up.


Pumpkin Barrel ride



Hay ride!!


some crazy boys for sure!


the corn maze


Emma hugging her pumpkin Owen picked out for her


Emma lovin her Daddy


Jonathan on his pony ride


The kids LOVED the zip line


my monkey boy


Love this one!



The boys on their “horses”

That was one FUN weekend!!!


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